Mar 11, 2013

Writing example.

Here's anoher very good example of a writing exercise.

Feb 28, 2013

Writing example

Here's an example of a very good writing.

Nov 21, 2012

We're moving!!

From this week onwards we shall be using a new space to share files, doubts, and much more.

Follow this link to discover our new space.

Your log in username and password is your id number (remember not to use capital letters), e.g. 42796215g.

Then click in "My courses" (left-hand side of your screen), and you're in!!

You have some homework waiting for you already!

Nov 8, 2012


How much do you know about the common cold? Read the text and find out about 10 things you probably never knew abou it!!

Nov 7, 2012

VOCABULARY: health problems

How much do you know about health problems and treatments? This worksheet can help you with new vocabulary for health problems, symptoms and treatments.

Oct 29, 2012


Read some examples of opinion essays on the environment.

Oct 12, 2012

The sports I like playing

Listen to 6 people talking about the sports they like playing and watching. You can download the questions as well.

Oct 4, 2012


I managed to record the interview we listened to on Tuesday, the one from the Jeremy Vine Show talking about plastic in our oceans. The quality of the audio is not great, but it's still ok, in case you want to listen to it again, or for the first time if you missed that class.

This is the recorded interview. 

These are the questions.

Sep 20, 2012

Carbon Footprint

Your carbon footprint is the measurement in CO2 of the effect of your activities on the environment. 
Your ecological footprint is the amount of productive land you need for food, water, transport, housing, waste management, and other purposes.

Are you using the planet's resources fairly? Check by taking up this Footprint calculator